Nathuniya 2 Web Series (2023) Voovi, Cast & Crew, Actress, Release Date, Review and More

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Nathuniya 2 Web Series Cast

Voovi App is set to release its new drama fantasy web series titled ‘Nathuniya 2.’ If you are curious about the cast, actress names, and release date of the Nathuniya 2 web series, you are in the right place. Here, we provide all the details about the Nathuniya 2 web series.

Nathuniya 2 Web Series Details

Web Series:Nathuniya 2 (2023)
Cast: Rani Pari and Prachi Lengare
Director:Parvej Alam
Release Date:3 November 2023
OTT Platform:Voovi App
Genre:Drama, Fantasy
Nathuniya 2 Web Series Details


“Nathuniya 2” tells the story of a vengeful spirit who takes revenge on a cruel king. Using her magical nose ring, she controls the woman closest to the king, distracts him with romance, and finally avenges her plight by killing him. The series mixes supernatural elements and cunning tricks, creating a compelling and intense story.


‘Nathuniya 2’ is a powerful story of revenge. Atma, a vengeful spirit, cleverly uses her magical nose ring to capture women close to the cruel king. She achieves her revenge through romance and strategic moves, making the series entertaining and captivating for viewers.

Nathuniya 2 Web Series Cast

Nathuniya 2 Web Series Cast

Nathuniya 2 Web Series Cast and Photos

Rani Pari

Actress Rani Pari in Yellow Saree
Rani Pari as Rani

Prachi Lengare

Prachi Lengare in yellow Dress
Prachi Lengare as Girl 1


In this article, we covered the Actress name and cast of the most awaited web series “Nathuniya 2,” featuring actresses Rani Pari and Prachi Lengare and the release date.

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